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Zuriaake is the most famous / gifted Black Metal Band in china. Also is one of the most mysterious, yet firmly established black metal bands in the history of Chinese extreme metal.
Formed in 2001, among the first wave of Chinese Black Metal. Previously released two albums, two EPs, one Single and one Split.
The limited box set version of the second album “Gu Yan”(2015) was sold out within 24 hours in the release day. This album sold more than 1,500 copies worldwide in the first six months.
Songs combined the dark side of Chinese folklore and Nature with Atmospheric Black Metal.
Played on two Chinese major music festivals, 330 Metal Music Festival (the best known indoor metal music festival here) and Midi Festival (The largest Open Air rock music festivals in
mainland China).
The “Gu Yan”(2015)was selected as Top25 Black Metal release of 2015 by facebook page named Full Black Metal Albums. They have over 29,0000+ follower.
Invited by the biggest Finland Black Metal Music Festival named Steelfest to play.

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