Metal Mean 2018 | Messiah
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Messiah’s debut album, Hymn to Abramelin, was released in 1986 through Chainsaw Murder Records. Their second LP, titled _Extreme Cold Weather_, came out in 1987 and was re-issued on CD three years later by Nuclear Blast. The release also contained the band’s debut album. The band then managed to sign to a German major metal label, Noise Records, which released their next album, _Choir of Horrors_, in 1991. Messiah released two more albums, _Rotten Perish_ and _Underground_, through Noise, but disbanded in the mid-1990s.

After another 14 years since the reanimation in 2003, we met in a friendly way in the late summer of 2017 for a “Barbecue” and discussed two live concerts as Secret Shows in Switzerland.
The initially scheduled 20-minutes concert was replaced by a 50-minutes live show.

These two test shows in Dec. 2017 were great fun and made us think seriously about a reunion.

MESSIAH is timeless and has never been forgotten by you – the most loyal fans – despite our long abstinence!

Now is the time to give you back what you deserve – and only for you – Live shows and a new album!

MESSIAH REUNION –definitely decided on Saturday 06. January 2018 in Zurich.




Death/Thrash Metal


High Roller Records