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Hobbs Angel of death


Hobbs’ Angel of Death was formed in January 1987 in Melbourne, initially as a solo project for ex-Tyrus guitarist Peter Hobbs.[1] With the help of ex-Nothing Sacred members, Karl Lean (bass guitar), Sham Littleman (drums) and Mark Woolley (guitar), the band recorded two demos, Angel of Death and Virgin Metal Invasion from Down Under, that attracted interest from overseas labels. They are one of the first Australian groups to perform European style thrash metal.

Although playing traditional style thrash metal, Hobbs described his band’s sound as “virgin metal” – a pure form of music.

In February and March 1988, they were at Musiclab studios in Berlin to record their debut self-titled album, Hobbs’ Angel of Death. Produced by Harris Johns, it was released in July on German label Steamhammer Records, and “became a best-seller in Europe”. The line-up for the album was Hobbs and Woolley with Philip Gresik on bass guitar and Darren McMaster-Smith on drums. In 1989, Hobbs and Woolley with Bruno Canziani (drums) and Dave Frew (bass guitar) began touring.

A second album, Inheritance was released in 1995, but failed to repeat the success of its predecessor and was an Australia-only release. It was difficult to obtain outside Australia and the band had “emerged from the darkness with a poorly produced second” album. Hobbs’ Angel of Death broke up soon after its release.

In 2002, Hobbs reformed the band and released a compilation album of two early demos. The band played a European tour including an appearance at Wacken Festival, and shows with German thrash group Destruction and black metallers Mayhem. In July 2003, keyboardist Talie Helene, despite never having recorded nor played live with Hobbs’ Angel of Death, left to form her own band, Stone Maiden.  Remaining members were Hobbs, Canziani and Frew.

In 2011, Hobbs’ Angel of Death returned to the live scene supporting Forbidden in Sydney on their Australian tour, and playing a small number of live shows before embarking on several European tours throughout 2012 and 2013. In August 2014, Peter Hobbs made an appearance in the Australian metal documentary Metal Down Under. The following month, it was announced that Hobbs’ Angel of Death will tour the US in October.
source: wikipedia


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