Metal Mean 2017 | Aosoth
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Second project of MkM (from french based Antaeus) evolving in the black/death metal genre. While Antaeus sets boundaries for violent grinding black metal, AOSOTH delivers more dissonnant and 90s death metal elements combined with the work of Bst (Balrog, Aborted). Early work were quoted to be in the vein of a mix between Antaeus, Craft and Grave.

First releases did include a split 10″ with Antaeus also pressed in cd format, a split EP with label komrades of Temple of Baal, a full lenght out on Total Holocaust records, lp version pressed by the Ajna Offensive.


The band performed a wide selection of festivals and gigs, sharing stage with artists such as: Ondskapt, Nehemah, Farsot, Enthroned, Hell Militia, Blacklodge, Heretic, Stormnatt, Baptism, Celestial Bloodshed, Sargeist or Watain. Each live show has received impressive reviews. Band’s most recent performance at Maryland Deathfest (US) was no excpetion: “Obscure black metal merchants AOSOTH had quite a buzz going into their Maryland Deathfest debut (…) Live, AOSOTH are just as crushing (…) Something latently dangerous. The roar of the largely unfamiliar crowd meant the French knew what they were doing” (Decibel Magzine 2013).

“AOSOTH defy convention without bothering to publicize it. Their style is understated and focused, and it works” (Pitchfork 2013).
Source: Agonia record website


Black Metal


France - Paris


Agonia Records